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Smithfield, VA
Lawn Care & Pest Control Services

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We offer lawn care and pest control services to residential properties in Smithfield, VA.

Our team will keep your grass robust and prevent pests from affecting your property and your lawn.

The town of Smithfield, VA in Isle of Wight County has a population of more than 8,000 people. With its small-town charm, it's hard not to fall in love with Smithfield. The Windsor Castle Park is located in this town and it features a woodland trail system, a fishing pier, a playground, and much more.

Our professionals at Meadow Lawn & Pest are thrilled to be of help to homeowners in Smithfield by providing them with our exceptional lawn care, landscaping, pest control, irrigation services, and more. We strive to keep your grass robust and vibrant year-round. We are also skilled at preventing pests from infesting your home and your turf.

Our lawn care services ensure your grass is well-cared-for year-round.

At Meadow Lawn & Pest, our team focuses on keeping your lawn in excellent health no matter the season. That is why we designed a 7-step fertilization and weed control program that will provide your grass with nourishment and keep pesky weeds off of your property. Our team also provides treatments that target lawn insects and diseases common in Smithfield.
We also provide core aeration in the spring and fall to loosen up the soil in your lawn to make it easier for the roots of your grass to access vital nutrients. If there are thin patches on your turf, we offer an overseeding service that can solve that by promoting healthier and thicker grass growth.

We also provide core aeration to ensure vital resources like water, air, sunlight, and nutrients can reach the roots of your grass. Our overseeding service can help you address unappealing thin patches on your turf by promoting new grass growth. Below are more of our lawn care services:

✅ Fertilization
✅ Overseeding
✅ Sod Installation
✅ Weed Control
✅ Lawn Insects & Diseases
✅ Lawn Mowing
✅ Core Aeration
✅ New Lawn Seeding

Upgrade your curb appeal with our landscaping services.

Home with landscaping near an outdoor patio and fire pit in Smithfield, VA.

We can help you improve the aesthetics of your property in Smithfield with our planting and softscaping service. We offer yard cleanups and leaf removal to keep the outside of your home manicured and help upgrade your curb appeal.

Trimming, pruning, landscape bed weed control, and ground cover installation are also landscape maintenance services your plants need to keep their health and appearance in check. Check out our landscaping services below:

✅ Planting & Softscapes
✅ Ground Cover Installation
✅ Trimming & Pruning
✅ Yard Cleanups & Leaf Removal
✅ Landscape Bed Weed Control
✅ Tree & Shrub Care

Prevent Damage-Causing Pests With Our Pest Control Services

At Meadow Lawn & Pest, we offer a variety of pest control services to homeowners in Smithfield, VA. Preventing pests from getting inside your home is vital because some pests can cause itchy bites, contaminate your food, and damage your property. Your lawn is not safe from pests as well, which is why you need to have protective treatments in place to stop them before they can wreak any havoc. We offer these pest control services to homes in Smithfield:

✅Perimeter Pest Control
✅Chigger Control
✅Mole & Vole Control
✅Armyworm Control
✅Flea & Tick Control
✅Mosquito Control
✅Grub Control

Our team provides irrigation services, drainage solutions, and holiday lighting installation.

Aside from nourishing and protecting your lawn, you must also ensure your irrigation system is working. A faulty irrigation system can lead to overwatering, contaminated drinking water, and more. We offer irrigation services to keep your irrigation system running smoothly. Our crew also provides additional services like drainage solutions.

✅ Irrigation Winterizing
✅ Backflow Testing & Repair
✅ Irrigation Spring Startups
✅ Drainage Solutions
Our crew also offers holiday lighting installation to bring cheer to your home in Smithfield during the holiday season!

Call our team today to book our lawn care and pest control services!

Smithfield, VA home with deep green lawn grass.

Whether you need help looking after your lawn's health or keeping pests out of your home, we're here to help. Our crew at Meadow Lawn & Pest provides lawn care, landscaping, pest control, irrigation services, and more to residential properties in Smithfield, VA. Call us today at (757) 238-8901 to book!

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