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Mulch Installation in Carrollton, Smithfield, Hampton, Northern Suffolk, VA & Surrounding Cities

Proper mulch installation is vital to healthy landscape beds and looks great too!

Mulch brings many benefits to your property such as greater curb appeal and improved weed control. Mulch also feeds vital nutrients to plants, improves the soil, and protects your landscape beds from erosion, drought, and extreme temperatures. To get the most benefit from mulch, it needs to be installed properly.

We install several styles of mulch for customers in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, VA and surrounding areas. We offer double-shredded brown or black mulch, as well as red mulch and pine straw. We can also replenish your mulch every year to ensure that your landscape beds are always filled with the correct amount.

We properly install your mulch so your landscape beds receive all the benefits of mulching.

Mulching must be done correctly to get all the benefits without accidentally damaging the plants in your landscape beds. Our team members are trained to industry standards and will properly apply mulch to promote the best health of your plants. A layer of mulch that is too thin will not provide enough coverage to protect your soil from erosion, weeds, or extreme temperatures. Too much mulch can suffocate the soil and your plant's root system, forcing them to fight for the nutrients they crave. We will apply mulch to the proper thickness to benefit your landscape beds without suffocating your plant's root system.

Debris removal: Things like twigs, rocks, and dead tree branches can be quite the eyesore and are not fun to step on when you are trying to enjoy the warm weather. They can also suffocate your lawn and prevent water and sunlight from reaching the roots of your grass and the plants in your landscape beds. Our spring cleanup team will remove this excess debris from your lawn and your landscape beds.

We also ensure that trees and shrubs are not over-mulched, which could promote the rotting of the plant's stem or trunk. We provide enough mulch around your trees and shrubs but also allow a gap between the mulch and the plants to allow air to reach the base of the plants. All our mulch is installed by hand to ensure the proper, even placement of the mulch throughout your landscape beds and ensure your plants are not damaged by improper mulching.

Types of Mulches We Install

There are many different types of mulch available for residential use and each type can also bring specific benefits. We partner with you to ensure you get the perfect mulch for your design and plant needs. Many of our customers prefer double-shredded, brown, or black hardwood mulch for their landscape beds, choosing the color that best suits their decor. While they don't have the wide acceptance of our brown or black hardwood mulch offerings, we can also install red mulch or pine straw for customers who specifically request it.

Single shredded mulch has very long strands, double- and triple-shredded mulch gets progressively shorter and more uniform.

We'll replenish your landscape beds to keep them healthy.

Mulch will decompose over time. This is a good thing, as it releases nutrients into the soil when this occurs. To continue providing all the protective benefits to your landscape beds, the mulch will need to be replenished. You always want to keep two-to-three inches of mulch covering and we recommend replenishing your landscape beds once a year. Whether we are doing a first-time application or preparing your landscape beds for another year, we'll install mulch the proper way so you get all the health benefits for your landscape beds.

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