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Lawn Care Services in & Around Carrollton, Smithfield, & Northern Suffolk, VA

Our lawn care services include fertilization, weed control, sod installation, pest control, aeration, and more!

Homeowners want the best in comprehensive lawn care, outdoor pest control, and landscaping services for their money. Our top-rated services provide the high-quality results our customers have come to expect from Meadow Lawn & Pest. If you're looking for a lawn, landscape, and pest control company that beats the competitors, call (757) 238-8901 for services in Carrollton, Northern Suffolk, Newport News, and other nearby communities in Virginia.

Lawn Fertilization

Our lawn fertilization service is designed to provide your grass with all of the nutrients that it needs to grow nice and strong. We utilize granular fertilizers and soil conditioners that are completely safe for the environment and your health.

Our year-long, 7-step program includes both fertilization and weed control treatments.

Lawn Weed Control

As part of our fertilization and weed control program, we will treat your property multiple times throughout the year to eliminate weeds. We utilize pre-emergent treatments, meaning that they target weeds before they form, as well as post-emergent spot treatments to kill any weeds that have already grown on the surface of your lawn.


Core Aeration

Close up photo of core aeration equipment in Carrollton, VA.

There are many benefits of core aeration for your lawn's overall health, including improved water absorption and stronger root systems. We offer our core aeration services in the fall and the spring. We recommend aerating cool-season grass at least once per year and warm-season grass once every 2-3 years.



Overseeding will help create a thicker, denser lawn. At Meadow Lawn & Pest, we utilize Hydra Smart Seed for our overseeding service because this product contains pure grass seed with no other matter mixed in. We recommend scheduling overseeding services at least once a year.


Lawn Insects

Grubs and armyworms are lawn insects that you do not want infesting your property. That's because they like to feed on the roots of your grass and the grass blades themselves. If they are not dealt with properly, they can kill your lawn. We offer preventative treatments to stop these insects before they ever become a problem. We also offer a curative solution if you're dealing with a current infestation.


Lawn Diseases & Fungi

Brown patch lawn disease at a property in Smithfield, VA.

Diseases and fungi can affect your lawn at any time, destroying its appearance and overall health. We recommend scheduling treatments regularly from late spring until October to keep your lawn protected from harmful diseases and fungi. We treat many common lawn diseases including brown patch, gray leaf spot, dollar spot, red thread, and necrotic green spot.


New Lawn Seeding

New lawn seeds scattered across dark soil in Northern Suffolk, VA.

Sometimes the best way to get a beautiful, healthy lawn is to start fresh. Our new lawn seeding services start with killing off the entire lawn. Then, we will remove the dead grass, aerate your lawn, and overseed to create your perfect lawn from scratch.


Sod Installation

Laying sod is an instant way to start fresh with new grass. We typically schedule our sod installation services in the early fall; this is because the sod will have a much better chance at successfully taking root and beginning to grow in the cool, fall weather.

Lawn Mowing

Freshly mowed home lawn in Benns Church, VA.

Keeping your grass mowed is an important part of keeping your lawn beautiful. In addition to just mowing your lawn, this service also includes trimming, edging, and blowing debris off of your hard surfaces.


Lawn Pest Control

We protect your lawn from pests like fleas, ticks, ants, spiders, mosquitoes, and much more. Our lawn pest program runs all year and our team will return to your property every 3 months to apply our treatment. We'll even rotate the products we use to ensure that pests do not become immune to the active ingredient!


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Keep your lawn looking great all year long by taking advantage of our lawn care services. From fertilization to sod installation, we provide every service you need to improve your lawn's overall health and appearance. Our lawn care professionals at Meadow Lawn & Pest are trained extensively on Bermuda and fescue grass types and continue to provide the highest quality of service possible. Since 2008, we have proudly served property owners in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, and nearby cities in the Virginia area. Call us at (757) 238-8901 to schedule our lawn care services today!

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