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Outdoor Pest Control in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, & Surrounding Cities

Protect yourself and your property from a variety of pests with our outdoor pest control services.

Your outdoor living space is a great place to spend time relaxing or entertaining family and friends. However, when pests come around, it can be hard to enjoy spending time outside. At Meadow Lawn & Pest, we offer a variety of outdoor pest control services that focus on eliminating these invasive pests to protect both you and your property. Some of our services are performed upon request while others are part of a scheduled program designed to eradicate and prevent further infestations. The services we offer include perimeter pest control, flea and tick control, chigger control, mosquito control, mole and vole control, grub control, and armyworm control.

We are proud to offer these services to homeowners in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, VA and throughout the surrounding areas.

Perimeter Pest Control

Ants crawling on a concrete walkway in Northern Suffolk, VA.

Our perimeter pest control service focuses on the exterior of your home where insects feed and breed. This includes around the foundation, doors, windows, deck, and flower beds. We rotate between active ingredients used in our treatments to prevent pests from building an immunity to the insecticide.


Flea & Tick Control

Close up photo of a flea found in Smithfield, VA.

Curing a flea or tick infestation requires addressing the entire yard to remove these biting pests from your property. We use two different insecticides in our flea and tick control service that are designed to eradicate these blood-thirsty critters so you won't have to worry about them anymore.


Chigger Control

As with our flea and tick control, getting rid of chiggers requires treating your entire yard where they live and breed. Our highly-trained team members are licensed in the application of pesticides and will safely rid your property of pests such as chiggers.

Mosquito Control

Our licensed applicators will treat your turf and ornamental beds for mosquitoes every 21 days from April through October, giving extra attention to the areas where these biting pests feed and breed. Outdoor areas you spend the most time in receive extra attention. As with our other pest control services, we rotate the products used in our treatments to prevent pests from creating immunity to our treatments.


Mole & Vole Control

Cracks in a lawn from a vole infestation near Smithfield, VA.

If there are any active mole or vole infestations, we treat the area with bait specifically created to eliminate these burrowing pests. Our mole and vole control service is performed upon request.

Grub Control

Our grub control regimen consists of two treatments of a granular insecticide, one in April and another follow-up treatment in August. We apply the product to your lawn, where it can work its way down into the soil where grubs live.


Armyworm Control

Armyworm found in dark soil near Smithfield, VA.

Our armyworm control treatment and prevention program is designed to treat all turf areas with a variety of insecticides to eliminate them. We treat armyworms in July, as they are most active in the late summer and fall months.

Armyworm infestations can damage turf areas as large as a football field in as little as two or three days!

Call to schedule our outdoor pest control services and keep your property free from biting, digging, and nesting pests.

There are many types of pests in the areas surrounding Carrollton, Smithfield, and Northern Suffolk, Virginia. Our licensed team members have been protecting lawns throughout these areas since 2008. Our treatments will keep you and your property safe from those biting, digging, or nesting pests. Call (757) 238-8901 to schedule our outdoor pest control services.

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