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New Lawn Seeding
In Carrollton, Smithfield,Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, & Western Branch of Chesapeake, VA


New Lawn Seeding in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, VA & Surrounding Areas

We've been helping rejuvenate lawns since 2008!

Starting a lawn from scratch can seem overwhelming, but with our team on your side, you won't have anything to worry about! We'll thoroughly prepare the land with scalping and aeration before we overseed to ensure we're working with a clean slate ready to take on the new seed. Our seed mix contains three different types of Fescue grass to fill your lawn with a well-rounded blend of grasses. The seeds we spread have 30 days' worth of starter fertilizer built in as a casing to give your new lawn the jumpstart it needs to thrive! Our new lawn seeding service is available to property owners in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, and nearby cities in Virginia. Call our team at (757) 238-8901 today to get your quote!

Our team will thoroughly prepare the land in our new lawn seeding process.

When you hire our team, you can be confident we'll pore over every detail of your service to ensure your new lawn has every chance of success. Our new lawn seeding process is thorough and comprehensive, preparing your land with the following steps:

1.  Clearing out the space: Our team will eradicate all growth in that area of land to create a clean slate for your new lawn to grow.

2.  Ensuring there is no remaining growth: After 14 days, we'll visit your property again and ensure that no weeds or stray plant growth are lingering in the area.

3.  Scalping: We'll scalp your lawn to clear out any debris, clippings, or thatch that could get in the way of seed germination.

4.  Aerating: Our team will aerate your lawn to break up any compacted soil and creates holes that allow for exceptional seed-to-soil contact, encouraging high seed germination.

5.  Overseeding: Last but certainly not least, we'll spread seed across your lawn!

We'll seed your lawn with a mix of Three different types of fescue grass seed.

Leveraging our extensive expertise in the soil and environmental conditions specific to our area, the seeds we spread have been hand-selected for long-term success in our climate! We use a mix of three different types of Fescue seeds to formulate a well-rounded blend of grasses for your lawn.

Our seeds are encased in 30 days of starter lawn fertilizer.

We don't believe in doing anything halfway and leaving you hung out to dry. That's why we don't just seed your lawn – we equip it with the tools it needs to thrive! Our seeds are encased in a starter fertilizer that will encourage the seeds to germinate and establish themselves in the soil. This starter fertilizer encasement will jumpstart and carry your new lawn through the following 30 days, providing consistent support to the new seeds so they can achieve success and develop into a lush, healthy lawn.

To keep your lawn thriving and lush throughout the year, be sure to schedule ongoing fertilization and weed control treatments.

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At Meadow Lawn & Pest, we are committed to beautifying the lawns of our clients, leaving each property better than when we found it. Our team members are diligent and dedicated, poring over every small detail in each project to achieve perfection. Our new lawn seeding service is no exception! This service is available to homeowners in Carrollton, VA and nearby areas like Hampton, Smithfield and Northern Suffolk. Call our team at (757) 238-8901 today to schedule our new lawn seeding service!

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