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Lawn Fertilization in & Around Carrollton, Smithfield, & Northern Suffolk, VA

Our fertilization services will keep your lawn lush, healthy, and beautiful.

Regular fertilization is the most straightforward way to improve your lawn's overall health and appearance. Our comprehensive fertilization program includes the most important lawn care services that your lawn needs to be healthy and beautiful. Besides the fertilization treatments, our program includes both pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments and soil conditioning. Our program consists of 7 steps spread out from early spring to late fall and is catered to the type of grass inhabiting your lawn. We offer safe and effective fertilization and weed control treatments for Bermuda and fescue turf types in the Carrollton, Virginia area, including Smithfield and Northern Suffolk.

Our fertilization program caters to both warm-season grass and cool-season grass.

In Virginia, both warm-season and cool-season grass types are common. Warm-season grass tends to grow and thrive the most when temperatures are around 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while cool-season grass thrives in 60 to 70-degree weather. Because warm-season and cool-season grasses require different things to thrive, your fertilization schedule will be catered to the type of grass that inhabits your lawn.

Fertilizing at different times of the year for warm-season and cool-season grasses ensures that the fertilization treatments will be as effective as possible.

What do we offer in our fertilization program?

Other than the actual fertilization treatments, there are a few other components to our fertilization programs that are beneficial for your lawn. For example, our fertilization treatments and weed control treatments are a package deal; in both of our 7-step programs, 3 of those steps involve pre-emergent weed control treatments. We also apply post-emergent weed control throughout the program as needed. In addition to fertilization and weed control treatments, our program also provides a soil conditioning treatment. This will increase aeration in your soil and improve your soil's ability to absorb water and essential nutrients. One step out of both the warm-season and cool-season grass programs is designed to provide your grass with increased heat and cold tolerance, stronger root systems, drought resistance, and reducing the effects of turf stress.

What does our fertilization schedule look like?

Regardless of what kind of grass inhabits your lawn, our fertilization program includes 7 treatments per year. While both the warm-season and cool-season grass fertilization programs typically begin in the early spring and end in the late fall, the different components of our program are applied at different times. For example, in the third, fourth, and fifth steps of the cool-season grass program, soil conditioning is the main treatment applied at these times. On the other hand, in the warm-season grass program, fertilization is the focus of the third, fourth, and fifth steps. This is due to the fact that cool-season grasses do not need a nitrogen-rich fertilizer during the summer (cool-season grasses typically lay dormant during the hotter months). Since warm-season grasses thrive in the summertime, they do need regular fertilization during this time. So, we provide the same treatments in each fertilization program, but when we apply the treatments is specific to your grass type.

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The best way to improve your lawn's overall health and appearance is with regular fertilization. At Meadow Lawn & Pest, our lawn care professionals proudly provide safe and effective fertilization and weed control treatments for Bermuda and fescue lawns. Since 2008, we have proudly provided these services to property owners in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, and nearby areas in Virginia. Call us at (757) 238-8901 to sign up for our comprehensive fertilization program today!

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