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Spring Cleanups
In Carrollton, Smithfield,Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, & Western Branch of Chesapeake, VA


Spring Cleanups in & Around Carrollton, Smithfield, Hampton & Northern Suffolk, VA

Our spring cleanup service includes debris and leaf removal, lawn mowing, and more!

One of the fastest ways to improve your lawn's appearance and prepare your property for the summertime is a spring cleanup. However, who wants to do all that work when they could be enjoying the warm spring weather? Schedule a spring cleanup with our team at Meadow Lawn & Pest to take care of your lawn so you can relax. Our lawn maintenance professionals provide top-quality spring cleanup services to residents of Carrollton, Smithfield, Hampton, the Western Branch of Chesapeake, Northern Suffolk, and surrounding areas in Virginia. Our spring cleanup services include debris and leaf removal, lawn mowing, and optional mulch installation or replenishment. Schedule your spring cleanup as soon as you can so you can save your spot on our calendar!

What do our spring cleanup services include?

Our spring cleanup program includes all of the following services.

Debris removal: Things like twigs, rocks, and dead tree branches can be quite the eyesore and are not fun to step on when you are trying to enjoy the warm weather. They can also suffocate your lawn and prevent water and sunlight from reaching the roots of your grass and the plants in your landscape beds. Our spring cleanup team will remove this excess debris from your lawn and your landscape beds.

Leaf removal: Soggy, untamed piles of leaves are more than just unsightly; they are also the perfect attraction for pests like rodents, spiders, snakes, and even termites. Our spring cleanup team will help you avoid an infestation by removing the leftover leaves from your lawn.

Lawn Mowing: Mowing your lawn after it emerges from its winter dormancy is a great way to get it looking its best. Our spring cleanup service includes lawn mowing, as well as the edging of your lawn and blowing debris off of your lawn and hard surfaces to give your property a nice and clean look.

When should you schedule your spring cleanup?

The best time to schedule our spring cleanup services is as soon as possible! Once the snow melts in the spring, you will begin to notice all the twigs, leftover leaves, and any other debris on your lawn. The longer you leave all that debris on your lawn, the more likely it is that your grass and plants will be suffocated by the debris as they emerge from winter dormancy.

Our spring cleanups are a popular service and our books fill up quickly. So, schedule your spring cleanup as soon as possible!

We also offer mulch installation or replenishment.

Mulching is a great way to improve the appearance of your lawn and it can provide protection for the plants in your landscape beds. This service is not included in the spring cleanup, but if you choose to invest in this service as well, we can do it for you while we are performing your spring cleanup. We can either install new mulch or replenish preexisting mulch. We offer many types of mulch, including double shredded hardwood in black, walnut brown, or red. Mulch can act as a natural weed and pest barrier while providing your property with a pleasing aesthetic, so mention it to our lawn maintenance team during your spring cleanup.

Call our lawn maintenance professionals to schedule your spring cleanup today!This is a heading.

After the snow melts in the spring, having to pick up excess debris and tidying up your yard can be stressful and tedious. Don't break your back hauling bags of leftover leaves; schedule a spring cleanup with Meadow Lawn & Pest instead. Since 2008, our lawn maintenance professionals have been providing excellent spring cleanup services and more for residents of the Carrollton, Virginia area, including Smithfield and Northern Suffolk. Call us at (757) 238-8901 to schedule your spring cleanup today!

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