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Fall Cleanups
In Carrollton, Smithfield,Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, & Western Branch of Chesapeake, VA


Fall Cleanups in Carrollton, VA & Surrounding Areas Like Smithfield & Northern Suffolk

Our fall cleanups include lawn mowing, debris and leaf removal, and more!

An untrimmed lawn, overgrown plants, and piles of leaves scattered throughout your landscape can bring down your curb appeal and invite unwanted pests onto your property. That's why we offer a comprehensive fall cleanup service to homeowners in the Carrollton, VA area, including nearby areas like Smithfield and Northern Suffolk. Our fall cleanup includes services like lawn mowing and debris and leaf removal to keep your property in tip-top shape! Not only that, but we also offer a trimming and pruning service as an add-on if your plants need some extra attention and care. You can schedule our fall cleanup service anytime in the fall, but spots fill up fast, so call us today at (757) 993-7473 to secure your spot!

When do we offer our fall cleanup service?

You can schedule our cleanup service anytime in the fall. However, we find most of our clients schedule this service in November or December when a lot of leaves have finished falling for the season and before the winter truly starts up. You need to make sure the leaves and other debris are cleared up to prepare your property for the winter season ahead. You should schedule this service as soon as possible because spots will fill up fast!

What services are included in our fall cleanup?

When you sign up for our fall cleanup service, we include the following services:

Debris removal: We'll remove the debris cluttering your lawn and landscape beds. Things like branches, rocks, and twigs can smother your landscape and block sunlight and water from reaching the roots of your turf and plants. Our team will remove the excess debris from your lawn and landscape beds so your turf and plants can soak up those essential resources and flourish!

Leaf removal: Soggy leaves won't just bring down the look of your property, but they can also attract other pests and rodents to your lawn. Our fall cleanup team will remove the leaves from your property to help keep any unwanted pests away! Once we've collected the leaves, we'll even haul them away for you using our powerful vacuum truck!

Lawn mowing: We'll mow your lawn for you to give it a manicured look. In addition to mowing, we'll also edge around your yard and blow the grass clippings and debris off your hardscapes to give your entire property a fresh, new look.

You can also schedule our plant trimming and pruning service.

In addition to our regular services included in our fall cleanup program, you can also schedule plant trimming and pruning as an additional service. Our trimming service will give your trees, shrubs, and hedges a fresh look to elevate the look of your property. And our pruning service will remove any dead or infected branches from your plants to prevent any issues from spreading to the rest of your plants.

Call us to schedule our fall cleanup service!

Now is the time to schedule our fall cleanup service to get your property in tip-top shape before winter starts. Our crew at Meadow Lawn & Pest has proudly cleaned up yards every fall since 2008. We service residential properties in the Carrollton, VA area, including surrounding areas like Smithfield and Northern Suffolk. Give us a call today at (757) 238-8901 to schedule our fall cleanup service!

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