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Trimming & Pruning
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Trimming & Pruning in & Around Carrollton, Hampton, Smithfield, & Northern Suffolk, VA

Our landscape maintenance professionals have been trimming and pruning plants since 2008.

Trimming and pruning your plants is the easiest way to maintain an aesthetically pleasing property. It is also a great way to keep your shrubs, hedges, and small trees healthy and promote strong growth. Our landscape maintenance team at Meadow Lawn & Pest provides the highest quality trimming and pruning services in Carrollton, Smithfield, Hampton, the Western Branch of Chesapeake, Northern Suffolk, and nearby cities in Virginia. Our pruning schedule caters to the needs of your specific plants, as different plants need to be pruned during different seasons for the best results. Our landscape maintenance professionals will keep your property in perfect shape with our trimming service while keeping an expert eye out for any signs of distress, disease, or insect infestations.

Our plant pruning schedule caters to your plant's needs.

We know that certain plants' health depends on them being pruned at specific times of the year. Some plants require pruning before they bud, and some after. Our pruning schedule depends on when your specific plant types thrive throughout the different times of the year. Pruning at the wrong time could actually be detrimental to the health of your plant! That is why it is so important to trust a team of landscape professionals like ours to handle the pruning process. We are available to prune at any time of the year depending on what is best for your plant. You can trust that our team always has your plants' health in mind.

Our plant trimming service keeps your property looking neat and tidy.

An overgrown hedge can be quite an eyesore for your property. Our plant trimming service will get your shrubs, hedges, and small trees back in great shape and ready to be envied by your neighbors. Our landscape maintenance professionals will cut back and shape your hedges to perfection. You can even let us know if you prefer a certain shape for your plants!

Regular trimming will make your plants stronger structurally and reduce the need for corrective pruning in the future.

Our trimming and pruning experts will keep an eye out for any potential issues.

Things like distress, disease, and insect infestations can affect your plants at any moment. While we are trimming and pruning your greenery, we will keep a lookout for any signs of these issues. If we happen to come across an issue, our crew will let you know and provide advice on how to solve the problem. Our landscape maintenance professionals are consistently trained and have expert-level knowledge on any and all plant problems you are dealing with. Catching problems like diseases and pests early is crucial to being able to solve them before any real damage is done.

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One of the most significant contributing factors of a healthy, beautiful landscape is trimming and pruning. Scheduling trimming and pruning services regularly will not only keep your shrubs, hedges, and small trees looking neat and tidy but it will also keep them healthy and promote strong growth.

Our landscape maintenance professionals at Meadow Lawn & Pest proudly serve the residents of the Carrollton, Virginia area, including Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, Hampton, and the Western Branch of Chesapeake. You can trust that our team is receiving continuous in-house training and they are experts at what they do. If you are interested in improving the overall health and appearance of your greenery, call our team at (757) 238-8901 to schedule our trimming and pruning services today!

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