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Expert Lawn & Pest Services in Hampton, VA

Our services include lawn fertilization, pest control, mosquito control, irrigation repairs, and much more.

With a modest population of over 137,000 people, Hampton, VA is located in the area know as "America's First Region." Hampton can trace it's history to the city's Old Point Comfort, the home of Fort Monroe for roughly 400 years.

We're proud to provide professional lawn and landscaping services to homeowners in Hampton and nearby Virginia cities. Our services include irrigation repairs, lawn fertilization, perimeter pest control, and much more – call (757) 238-8901 to get your quote today!

Our Lawn Care Services

We've developed a seven-step lawn fertilization program for both warm-season and cool-season grass that will provide your turf with the support it needs to thrive!

In our core aeration service, we'll remove cores of soil and thatch from your lawn to combat soil compaction and create better nutrient access for the deep roots of your grass!

To help you obtain the lush, thick lawn of your dreams, our team can overseed with a high-quality mix of fescue seeds encased in 30 days of starter fertilizer to encourage excellent seed germination.

If your lawn needs a fresh start, we provide new lawn services including seeding and sod installation to rejuvenate your property!

We've developed a specialized tree and shrub fertilization program to care for your landscaping plants!

Our protective treatments combat threats from pests, weeds, and disease!

Brown patches on a lawn in need of treatment in Benns Church, VA.

We'll utilize both pre- and post-emergent lawn weed control treatments to stamp down weeds so that your turf has no competition for space or nutrients!

We extend the same protection with our landscape bed weed control, allowing your landscaping plants to thrive and helping to keep your curb appeal in peak condition.

Brown patch, gray leaf spot, dollar spot, red thread, and necrotic green spot will be a problem of the past when you schedule our professional lawn disease control service!

Our tree and shrub disease and insect control service will protect your landscaping plants from health threats.

We can bolster your property's defenses with our perimeter pest control, targeting areas where insects hide to make sure our protective barrier stops them at the door!

Our mosquito control program will involve nine total treatments spaced out every 21 days to manage the mosquito population on your property.

To combat other biting bugs, schedule our flea and tick treatments! We'll rotate the treatment applied to prevent them from building an immunity, ensuring our applications are always highly effective.

For properties struggling with moles and voles, we'll target areas where they're most active and kick them to the curb!

Our technicians can protect your lawn against pests that threaten its health like chiggers, grubs, and armyworms!

Our Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Services

We'll help to keep your property pristine throughout the seasons in our yard cleanups, with services offered in both spring and fall!

For any additional leaf removal needs, our team can rake up all the offending leaves, blow them to the edge of the street and suck them up to get them out of your hair.

To keep your lawn well-manicured year-round, our mowing program runs from March through October to cover the entire growing season. We'll also trim, edge, and blow for a polished look!

We can refresh the ground cover in your landscape bed with mulch or rock to rejuvenate your property's curb appeal and improve moisture retention for your landscaping plants.

Our team can trim and prune your trees and shrubs throughout the year when needed to keep them beautifully shaped and maintained.

Standing water in your property is unsightly and can cause long-term complications – our drainage solutions will resolve these water flow issues!

Our other services include irrigation startups, softscape installations, and more!

Our team can install new plantings and softscapes to up the curb appeal on your property and help create a cohesive, stunning landscape.

We offer irrigation repairs to tackle problems like broken valves, busted pipes, and more to keep irrigation systems in peak condition.

We can also prep your system for the winter season with our winterizing service, ensuring it's properly prepared for the incoming freezing temperatures.

Once the winter has passed, we can reactivate your irrigation system with our irrigation startups, turning the water back on without shocking the system and checking for any issues.

Our team can perform professional backflow testing to ensure dirty water doesn't enter your drinking water supply.

We can install holiday lighting for your property so you can spend time with loved ones instead of struggling with lights!

Call us today to schedule any of our lawn and landscaping services!

When it comes to caring for and beautifying your lawn and landscape, put your trust in our team at Meadow Lawn & Pest. We can leverage our 16 years of expertise to produce high-quality results for you! Our services are available to homeowners in and around Hampton, VA. Call our team at (757) 238-8901 today to schedule any of our services.

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