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Our lawn mowing service keeps your lawn looking healthy, vibrant, and gorgeous.

Every year, homeowners pull their mowers, blowers, and string-trimmers out of hibernation in preparation for the mowing season. Our lawn mowing service removes the drudgery and keeps your lawn looking vibrant and gorgeous all season long. Our mowing schedule follows your grass' growing cycle, trimming it to the proper height depending on your grass type. We'll be sure to trim the edges around your driveways and walkways and blow away any debris to keep your lawn looking sharp.

In our many years of experience mowing lawns, we have learned the best practices for mowing lawns to ensure that your lawn stays looking great and that we don't cause any damage to your lawn. Call (757) 238-8901 to schedule our lawn mowing service. We proudly serve homeowners in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, Hampton, and the surrounding areas of Virginia.

Our Lawn Mowing Schedule

Our lawn mowing schedule starts in March and includes weekly mowing until October. Your lawn requires weekly mowing during these months as this is the prime growing season in Virginia due to the warm weather and rainfall that we experience during this time period. As November and December roll around, your lawn begins to go dormant in preparation for winter. As its growth slows, cuttings only need to be done on a bi-weekly basis during these months.

If needed, we can also perform our mowing service during the months of January and February.

String-trimming, edging, and blowing debris is included with our lawn mowing service.

Lawn mowing is only a part of what this service includes. When we show up to mow your lawn, we will also string-trim around any hard-to-reach areas, edge around the perimeter of your lawn and along and landscape beds, and blow any debris off the hard surfaces of your property to create a nice and clean look.

We give special care to your lawn during each mowing!

We take great pride in the care we administer while mowing your lawn. We feel it is the best way toward a great-looking lawn and the attention to detail represents us as a company. Here are a few things we do to help your lawn look its best all season long:

1/3 Rule: For a lush, healthy lawn, you should never mow off more than one-third of the grass blade in a single mow.

Rotating the Pattern: By changing the direction each time we mow, we encourage even, upright growth of your grass because grass tends to lean in the direction it is mowed.

Mower Blade Height: As your grass speeds up or slows down its growth throughout the season, changing the finished height of the mowed grass can have benefits through to the next mowing. In the cooler season of spring, we trim grass lower to encourage new growth. During periods of warm weather, we raise the mowing height to shade the roots of your grass.

Mulching Instead of Bagging: Those recently-trimmed grass clippings still have nutrients in them. By mulching instead of bagging, we are putting those vital nutrients back into the soil so your grass can benefit from them.

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Call (757) 238-9801 and schedule our lawn mowing service so your lawn can stay looking its best throughout the growing season. We have been servicing residential lawns in the Carrollton, Smithfield, Hampton, the Western Branch of Chesapeake, and Northern Suffolk, Virginia areas since 2008.

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