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Overseeding in & Around Carrollton, Smithfield, & Northern Suffolk, VA

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All lawns could use a pick-me-up such as overseeding every year or so. Patchy, thin lawns, however, can benefit the most from overseeding. If you are looking for a lawn care treatment that will make your lawn thick, lush, and beautiful, you have come to the right place! We use the most uniquely effective grass seeds that are designed specifically for the cool-season grass in the Carrollton, VA area. We will spread these grass seeds across your lawn, focusing especially on any patchy areas. We also offer our core aeration service as an optional add-on.

Our lawn care professionals at Meadow Lawn & Pest proudly provide our overseeding service to homeowners in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, Hampton, and the Western Branch of Chesapeake, VA and nearby areas.

What does our overseeding process look like?

Our overseeding process begins with our lawn care professionals inspecting your lawn to look out for any problem areas (thin patches). Next, our team will spread our grass seeds across your entire lawn, focusing especially on any problem areas. Our grass seeds are also encased in 30 days worth of starter fertilizer. This means that once we overseed your lawn, your new grass seeds will already have all the essential nutrients they need to take root and begin growing successfully.

What makes our overseeding service unique and effective?

Our overseeding service is uniquely effective because we use grass seeds specially formulated for the Carrollton, VA area. The most commonly used grass type in Virginia is cool-season grass. For this reason, we utilize grass seeds that produce a mix of cool-season grasses. Because these seeds are specifically designed for our area, they have a fantastic chance of establishing strong roots and growing nice and strong.

Our grass seed consists of 3 different types of Fescue.

We offer optional core aeration in conjunction with our overseeding service.

You can sign up for just our overseeding service, just our core aeration service, or both. We typically offer these programs together because overseeding immediately after core aeration gives your seeds the best chance of growing successfully. After the cores of soil have been removed from your lawn during the aeration process, there are many holes left behind. By overseeding your lawn right after it has been aerated, the new grass seeds will fall into these holes and have a much better chance at taking root and growing successfully. Because of this, we always recommend that you pair our overseeding service with our core aeration service. Combining these two services is an effective way to achieve your dream lawn even faster!

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Overseeding is an incredibly beneficial lawn care treatment. The number 1 benefit of overseeding is that it fills in thin patches and makes your turf thick, dense, and lush. Besides making your lawn more beautiful, overseeding also allows your now denser grass to more effectively hold soil and water in place and prevent run-off and soil erosion. If you want to bring all of these benefits to your lawn, call our lawn care professionals at Meadow Lawn & Pest today. We offer our overseeding service to homeowners in Carrollton, Smithfield, Northern Suffolk, Hampton, and the Western Branch of Chesapeake, VA, and throughout the surrounding areas. Call us at (757) 238-8901 to schedule our overseeding service today! We look forward to working with you to help you create the beautiful and lush lawn that you've always wanted.

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