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We have been keeping irrigation systems in great condition since 2008.

Watering your lawn is such a hassle, which is why so many homeowners have opted for an irrigation system to do it for them. However, maintaining that irrigation system can be another hassle in itself. Take the stress out of caring for your irrigation system and call our team at Meadow Lawn & Pest today. We have been performing irrigation services in the Carrollton, Smithfield, and Northern Suffolk, VA areas since 2008. We offer irrigation and sprinkler winterizing, spring startups, and backflow testing and repair.

Irrigation Winterizing

An irrigation system is an investment that you will want to keep functional for as long as possible. One way to do that is by preparing your irrigation system for freezing temperatures by winterizing it. Irrigation winterization is done once you have finished watering your lawn for the season. We begin winterizing by draining all the water from your irrigation system. Depending on what kind of irrigation system you have, draining can be done manually or automatically. Next, we shut off your irrigation system so no water can run through it for the winter season. We offer our winterization service starting in November, so we recommend that you sign up as soon as the fall season ends.


Irrigation Spring Startups

After the long, cold winter season, spring rolls around and it is finally time to enjoy your irrigation system again; before you can do that, however, you must receive an irrigation spring startup. This is essentially the reactivation of your irrigation system after being deactivated in the fall in preparation for the winter season. We begin by slowly allowing your irrigation system to fill with water. We do this gradually because if it is done too quickly, the main lines of your irrigation system may crack or burst from the high surge of water pressure. Next, we manually activate each part of your irrigation system to check for proper operation. If any replacements or repairs are necessary, we will find out where during this step. We begin performing irrigation spring startups in late March or early April and we recommend you sign up as soon as the spring season begins.


Backflow Testing & Repair

Our backflow testing process tests the plumbing of your irrigation system to ensure that dirty water does not enter the drinking water supply. Because your irrigation system is below your lawn, it is crucial to keep water contaminated by fertilizer and pesticides out of your system to prevent it from poisoning your drinking water. We can do this by performing backflow testing on your irrigation system. Your irrigation system has a special valve called a backflow preventer that blocks unsafe water from flowing into your drinking water supply. Our lawn care professionals will test your backflow preventer and make sure that is working effectively.
Making repairs and replacements to your irrigation system is crucial to maintaining its functionality. Whether your system needs minor repairs or a big fix, our lawn care professionals will figure out where you need it and fix it for you. We can repair or replace anything your irrigation system throws at us, including leaks, rain sensors, valves, lines, and wiring.

Annual backflow testing is required by law in Virginia.

Call us to schedule any of our irrigation and sprinkler services today!

While an irrigation system can be a great way to take watering your lawn off your daily to-do list, it can be stressful to maintain. Take the stress out of irrigation and sprinkler system maintenance and repair by calling our team at Meadow Lawn & Pest. We proudly serve homeowners in the Carrollton, Smithfield, and Northern Suffolk, VA areas. Call us at (757) 238-8901 to schedule our irrigation system maintenance or repair services today!

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