Don’t you completely hate it to go inside the house in a beautiful summer evening just because you can’t take the mosquitoes anymore? Mosquitoes are everywhere and don’t seem to care much about insecticides, sprays, or traps. Of course, our lawn care Smithfield, VA experts can help you get rid of these nasty insects through time-tested methods. Today, however, they decided to offer you a short guide on organic mosquito control that will also spice up your landscape and offer you the chance of a healthier lifestyle. In other words, let’ see what flowers, herbs, or vegetables you can plant to boost your property’s looks and keep mosquitoes at bay!

Rosemary and Mint

These two herbs go great together in the kitchen and act as mosquito barriers in the same time. You can plant rosemary and mint as lawn borders and edges, introduce them around porches, patios, and outdoor leisure areas, keep them in pots around the house, have crushed mint or rosemary leaves spread on your outdoor dinner table, and so on. These two herbs have scents that repel mosquitoes and other insects as well. Both mint and rosemary add a fresh and natural scent to your lawn and landscape and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them as spices, decorative plants, and mosquito repellents.


Marigolds make incredible additions to your lawn and garden, flower beds and vegetable garden as well. Among the many insects that marigold repel, mosquitoes are probably the most important. The beauty with marigolds is that you can find them room anywhere on your property. Ask your lawn care Smithfield VA team about marigold cultivation and use them as lawn edges, patio, porch, and deck borders, flower beds and vegetable gardens’ companions and so on. You can also cut them and put around the house in vases, they will still keep mosquitoes at bay.


We are used to keep cut and dry lavender around the house for moth control, but the powerful, unique scent of lavender also keeps mosquitoes at bay when you grow it outside or keep it inside. Lavender makes an incredible addition you can use to spice up the looks of your lawn and landscape even if you don’t have a serious mosquito problem. However, if you want to keep these buzzing creatures away from you, plant as much lavender as you like as lawn edge, in flower beds, in rows around the patio or deck, around the outdoor spaces you spend time most in, around children’s play spaces, and so on.


Just like rosemary and mint, basil is a scented herb that finds its way in many dishes and foods. Consumed either fresh or dry, it has plenty of health benefits. As mosquitoes are concerned, they don’t like basil because of its powerful scent. So do yourself a favor and insert basil as patio, deck, porch, barbecue area border and edge. Our lawn care Smithfield VA specialists will answer all your questions regarding basil and its properties as a pest repellent and landscape enhancement.