In Virginia, your lawn will experience living through all four seasons of the year. From winter to summer and back to winter, there are different hurdles your turf must overcome to stay healthy and lively. One of the ways you can help your grass stay invigorated year-round is by taking into account your mowing schedule, especially in the winter. In November and December, you should mow your lawn bi-weekly to account for your lawn growing at a slower rate. In January and February, you should mow your lawn only if it needs to be mowed. Then, in March, you should start to mow your lawn on a weekly basis. Keep reading to learn more about how often you should mow your lawn in Virginia.

In November and December, you should mow your lawn at a biweekly rate.

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As temperatures run cold in November and December, your turf's growth rate slows significantly. As a result, there's no need for you to be outside mowing the lawn on a weekly basis. Not only is it a waste of time, but it can cause you to cut your grass too short, discouraging growth later in the spring and summer. In the months of November and December in Virginia, it's only necessary to cut your grass biweekly, or every 2 weeks. Allowing that time in-between mows will allow your grass to grow enough to where cutting it won't harm it.

You should mow your lawn only as needed in January and February.

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In January and February, we are in the midst of the winter season. At this time of the year, your lawn is enduring cold temperatures and reducing its growth rate drastically. This means that you don't have to cut it very often at all during this time. Your mowing schedule can be "as-needed" during the months of January and February. What does "as-needed" mean? Well, that depends on your type of grass. Different grass types have different ideal heights, and you'll need to cut it whenever it starts to grow beyond that height.

From March through October, you should mow your lawn on a weekly basis.

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Eventually, spring will return to Virginia in March, and with it, the growing season will commence. Your lawn reduced the rate at which it grew in the winter to conserve energy for the spring, so it will experience a growth spurt and develop beautifully once temperatures become warmer. Because your turf is growing faster, you should mow it once a week to properly tend to it. As a general rule of thumb, you should mow at a weekly rate throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

If you don't mow it often enough during the growing season, it can become overgrown and look unkempt. In some cases, tall vegetation can even attract ticks, fleas, and other pests by providing an adequate hiding spot.

You should rotate your mowing pattern each time you mow to avoid ruts and to encourage the grass blades in your lawn to grow straight.

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