Landscaping, just like fashion or interior design, is a gorgeous mixture of art and science that promotes innovation. While it is a slower art, as you just can’t rush the growth of flowers or trees, landscaping is also an architectural field that ignites people’s imagination, allowing them to embrace plenty of new ideas and trends. This year, a few such landscaping trends have been identified by our landscaping Hampton Roads, VA specialists and they are here today to present them to you! After all, what better way to pass the winter than planning for your future Garden of Eden?

1. More Natural, DIY-Style Exteriors

In terms of landscaping, we have embraced the minimalist and postmodern trends far enough, landscape artists believe. More and more people favor a more natural, raw, retro and DIY-style look on their property, thus replacing steel and glass with more and more wood, natural stones, sun-dry tiles, teracotta and so on. If you look for something more authentic, more natural, then have our landscaping Hampton Roads, VA specialists come up with a few makeover ideas.

2. Hyperlocalism

Also known as naturescaping, this trend implies the use of regional, endemic plants, trees and edibles to be planted on your property. Since they are native to a particular ecosystem and climacteric makeup, such flowers, shrubs, grasses, trees or vegetables are naturally more resilient to draught or extreme weather events, more resilient to pests, weeds and disease and far more likely to thrive with less water, care, and nutrients.

3. Lawns Reimagined

Telling an American family to replace the turf with prairie grasses would be a bad idea, this is why nobody gives this suggestion yet. However, as a consequence to many local rules related to impervious coverage, chemical runoff, abuse of herbicides and pesticides, and storm-water retention among others, one can easily understand why mixed lawns are all the rage right now. The trend focuses on lawn-like grass mixes that don’t need to be mowed, watered or nourished as often as traditional turf. While they won’t replace usual turf grasses over the night, such grass mixes are preferred as they are beautiful, low-maintenance and very budget / resources friendly.

4. Blending the Old and the New

A trend that was very appreciated in interior design, this old-and-new eclectic style has reached the landscaping industry as well. What we have to understand is that we don’t have to entertain a conflict between traditional and modern landscaping, but blending them in a bold and original manner. Old garden benches can do a nice and interesting contrast with a modern state of the art fire pit. The thoughtful and intentional mix of a few old elements into a contemporary design or vice versa is the main goal of landscape artists these days.

5. The Rise of Activity Areas

The idea that people need to move, exercise and be active more seems to have finally reached our common conscience. More and more landscape architects are required to turn and revamp properties so they can host activity fields and sport fields, be them bocce, tennis courts, cornhole courts, petanque courts and special fields for children and pets to play outside. Depending on the size of your property, such activity areas can be smoothly integrated into the larger picture adding beauty and value to the entire property. Sometimes you need to cut the turf size, but just as many specialists say, people want t have fun, stay entertained, relax and exercise without having to spray or weed their playing grounds.

If you are interested in such modern landscaping trends and ideas, have your landscaping Hampton Roads, VA specialists come down for an assessment and maybe a few redesigns here and there.